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We understand the world is changing, and we want to change with you.

Patients, more than ever, need direct access to their doctors.

That’s why we are now offering Direct Primary Care at Satellite Med.

Direct Primary Care, or DPC, is “an innovative alternative payment model improving access to high-functioning healthcare with a simple, flat, affordable membership fee.” - (DPC Coalition)

Patients can clearly know what they are paying for before the services are rendered.

Patients can access their Primary Care Provider like never before via 24/7 portal messaging, telemedicine, and “concierge” type care.

Patients receive better outcomes and save money over time through the therapeutic patient/provider relationship Direct Primary Care offers.

Satellite Med offers more services than most DPCs. Services include: Coordinated care between mid-levels and Physicians, 24/7 portal access, call center for after hours, telemedicine, X-rays, Ultrasounds, EKGs, laceration and wound repair, counseling services, routine and diagnostic labs, large specialist referral network, and dispensary onsite.

Satellite Med uses three tiered payment options for you and your family. Options include:

-- Bronze - $75 per month - includes 5 in person visits per year, 1 annual physical, 1 routine lab panel, discounted diagnostic labs, but no meds included.

-- Silver - $125 per month - includes 10 in person visits per year, 1 annual physical, routine labs as needed, discounted diagnostic labs, and acute meds as needed.

-- Gold - $185 per month - includes UNLIMITED in person visits per year, 1 annual physical, routine labs as needed, diagnostic labs as needed, and acute AND chronic meds as needed

For a complete list of labs included, click here For a complete list of medications included, click here

Telemedicine is included in any Direct Primary Care membership plan. After subscribing, you will receive a telemedicine coupon code which can be entered before any telemedicine visit. Hang on to this code as it will account for a $0.00 charge for that encounter.

If the Direct Primary Care membership plans are too expensive for you, you can still use our cash price options which remain below the regional average. Satellite Med also still accepts commercial insurance for non-DPC subscribers.

We have an extensive provider team that works together on difficult problems to ensure the best possible outcome. We call it Collaborative Care.

Our doctors are available to help our nurses, and likewise, our nurses are constantly seeking advice from our doctors.

We believe working together for the benefit of the patient is what makes us unique.

What we treat:
Urgent and Primary Care for children through senior adults, including:
  • Telemedicine access for acute and primary care.
  • Acute sick walk-in visits as needed.
  • Flu and Tetanus shots.
  • Wellness evaluations: establishing patients with Satellite Med healthcare providers.
  • Physical examinations for athletics.
  • Preventative care and annual exams.
  • Medical management of chronic diseases.
  • Lab testing for annual exams. (See Appendix 3).
  • Lab testing for chronic disease management (See Appendix 3).
  • Laceration and wound repair within scope of practice.
  • Joint injections as directed by the provider.
  • X-ray, Ultrasound, and EKG testing.
  • Disability and FMLA paperwork assistance.
  • Prescription medications (see Appendix 4).
  • Referrals to specialists.
  • Strep, Covid/Flu, and Mono Testing