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Please read carefully so you can make the most of your subscription!
Choose A Plan
Choose one of our many subscription plans that suits you best. The longer your subscription, the cheaper your visit cost.
Start iCare Visit
Select "Start iCare Visit" from the menu to begin your visit. *Helpful hint: save this URL to your mobile desktop for easy access later when you're sick. You can contact your Satellite Med providers wherever you are and as many times as you want.
Pay For Your Visit
Select "Pay with Card" to pay your reduced visit fee. *Make sure you have a good internet connection before paying for your visit. Connect to wifi if able. Do not exit the page once you've paid for your visit.
Answer Questions
Answer the questions to the best of your ability. After submitting your initial information, you will be asked a series of questions related to your illness. The more honest and in depth you are about your illness, the better we can treat you!
Download and Connect to VSee
Don't worry when the page redirects you! You'll be prompted to sign in and connect to VSee's Virtual Waiting Room. You will be contacted after we have received your submission. A Satellite Med provider will begin evaluating your symptoms and will contact you via instant message or video chat.
Check Your Email
Following your visit, you will receive an overview of your conversation with our provider and any instructions regarding your treatment regimen. Did you forget what the provider said or where your medication was sent? You can find all the details in your email.
We've Got Your Back
If you're referred to be seen in person, don't panic. Your online visit cost goes towards your in-person visit cost or copay if you have insurance. Simply go to your closest Satellite Med and we'll be waiting for you.
Stay Happy and Healthy!
Are you sick but don't have time to go to the doctor? Been frustrated with Satellite Med's wait-time in the past? Subscribe now to talk to our Satellite Med providers at your convenience for all of your acute care needs.